Community Art Connection provides diverse and enriching art courses, activities, and monthly outings in a creative, dynamic, and engaging environment. Classes offered provide artists with a 1:10 student to teacher ratio depending on the skill level of each class offered. We are dedicated to integrating and showcasing the talents and creativity of uniquely gifted individuals, while allowing for meaningful connection and relationship development. We seek to inspire, enable, and empower our artists through exploring and experiencing The Arts. 


            According to the Florida Census, 31,923 adults between the ages of 21-64 living in Seminole County have a disability. 

Nearly 10,000 of those individuals will not enter the workforce. The opportunity for authentic connections and meaningful

artistic experiences in the lives of adults residing in Seminole County is more than evident.  These statistics show the growing

need for a ministry that offers adults with disabilities an opportunity to live more full filling lives through creative interaction.

Our goal at CAC is to empower our artists so they too can live as connected members in their communities and know they


Who is Community Art Connection?

             CAC is a rapidly growing organization that serves the needs of adults with disabilities through engaging and creative

classes offered each day.  Our team is made up of an amazing group of Art Assistants, Art Instructors, and Volunteers. The CAC

team is dedicated to bringing the most creative experiences and newest trends in the Arts that empower our artists to live fuller


             Why Art? There are numerous studies highlighting the importance and positive benefits the Arts offer to the physical and

emotional well being. The Arts also assist in strengthening our skills in communication, empowering us with a voice to share

and express our thoughts and ideas, and fosters problem-solving skills. Our artists experience and express themselves in their

own unique artistic voice.

Dr. Quinones

     Director of Artistic Development 

   Ms. Gaby,  Mr. Joseph
   Ms. Karen, Mr. Noel
Artist Assistants and Instructors

Ms. Heather Subbert

Director of Access Ministries

What is Community Art Connection?

Why Art?