Ready to Become an Artist? 

                                                                                  APPLICATION PROCESS

Ensure applicant meets admissions requirements below: 

*Email and set up a tour at the campus. Your adult needs to be present at the tour.

*Submit the online application sent after the tour and return it with the $20.00 application fee to Northland Church. 

*Admission to Community Art Connection is based on available openings. 

                                                              ADMISSION REQUIREMENTS

In order to be considered for admission to Community Art Connection, applicants must meet the following requirements:

                Must be 18 or over. 

                Must not exhibit aggressive behavior or be a danger to themselves or others.

                Must not be at high risk for elopement (running away).

                Must not be medically fragile or need extensive medical care.

                Must be able to handle reasonably crowded or stimulating environments in the community.

                Independence with toileting and hygiene (does not require assistance).

               Must not be medically fragile or need extensive medical care (No onsite nurse or medical staff).